Todd Edwards Treehouse Mix 2009

There are only a handful of people i sincerely admire in music. Quincy Jones, Gordy Berry, J Dilla and more… but in that list is also this astrude dude from deep in the US mainland, Todd Edwards. I was lucky enough to want to DJ at such a young age (11 in fact) and around that time you either mixed Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Jungle or this new odd sound known as House & Garage. Then it was more or less US Garage as the UK just started to take inspiration and add its own twist. Long story short, Todd Edwards is one of the founding fathers of 4×4 House.

He has lasted a generation as im now 26 so that means for at least 15 years he has been a pioneer for my generation. None have manage to copy, imitate or replicate his unique chopped up style of vocals, strings, bass and well anything that you can chop up. Most still have no idea how he achieves his style of sound.

Here is a new mix from the man himself. If you don’t know what kind of sound this is check our last post were you can download some free tracks. This mix is amazing and exactly what i want in a Todd mix. Haven’t been able to stop playing it since i downloaded. I suggest you do the same. Big up Todd if you happen to read this 😉

.:: Tracklist ::.

Roy Davis Jr :- I have a vision (Todd Edwards Visionary dub)
Todd Edwards:- Radio Thing (Sectors Remix)
Todd Edwards:- To My Family
Craig David:- Whats Your Flava (Todd Edwards Dub Mix)
Todd Edwards:- Show The Way
Gina Thompson:- The Things That You Do (Todd Edwards Remix)
Daft Punk/Todd Imperatrice:- Face To Face (Todd Edwards Remix)
Daft Punk:- Technologic (Todd Edwards Just For Play Remix)
Todd Edwards:- Numbers (German Version)
Sound Of One:- As I Am (Todd Edwards Remix)
Todd Edwards:- Shut The Door
Todd Edwards:- Hold On To Me (Compound Remix)
Zoot Woman:- Taken It All (Todd Edwards Unreleased Remix)
Appaloosa:- The Day (We Fell In Love) (Todd Edwards Liturgical Mix)
Surkin:- Next Of Kin (Todd Edwards Re-Kindled Remix)

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