Duncan Powell – 2010

Now we are really getting warmed up for 2010. Here is yet another World Exclusive from us.

Legendary UK Garage producer Duncan Powell has hit us up with a brand new 2010 mix. This mix is simply amazing, it completely consists of his own production. 2-Step’s back to the organic sound fused with the new influences the current Dubstep sound has attributed.

The outcome is exactly this… head banging beats derived from soulful chords and samples along side a large dose of sensual bass. Its simply beautiful music at its best.

Not only is this an Ego Thieves Exclusive, there are also tracks on here that nobody has heard yet. If your a fan of Dubfluence mixes, or a fan of the likes of Burial, Silkie etc this is for you. If you have no idea what I am talking about, this is simply music to encourage thought and to relax your mind too all at the same time.

Now Duncan has said he is taking a break from music. This would be a great shame and this mix proves it. So don’t worry I will be doing my best to bug him and make sure he realises there is a brand new market out there now and it has a worldwide audience. After all only 15% of our vast traffic is from my home, the UK.

You may notice on the cover as well the question, what do you call it? People are trying to seperate the sounds and the genres. It makes no difference if it’s Garage, 2 Step or Dubstep. There are two kinds of genres on Ego Thieves. Good music and bad music. The second one does not exist in my world.

Duncan Powell Myspace // Discogaraphy for those who want to know


01 – Duncan Powell – Care 4 Me – Push Ep
02 – Solution – Breaking Up – Duncan Powell Remix – Unreleased
03 – Jon B – Lately – Dragon 2-Step Dub – Bootleg CDR
04 – Duncan Powell – Nasty – CDR – Ego Thieves Exclusive
05 – Duncan Powell – Pushing – 2nd Drop
06 – Duncan Powell – Laid Back – CDR – Ego Thieves Exclusive
07 – Duncan Powell – Time – Cutstep Remix – Push Ep
08 – Duncan Powell – Came Into View – (Unreleased 2step edit) – L2S – Ego Thieves Exclusive
09 – Duncan Powell – Love No More – Push Ep
10 – Duncan Powell – Hold You – L2S
11 – Duncan Powell – Hold You (Unreleased Sub Edit) – CDR – Ego Thieves Exclusive

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