Intelligent Hoodlum Vol Two – Love Dilla

Are you an Intelligent Hoodlum? What is an Intelligent Hoodlum? Well… its an individual who unlike many of the new artists around, (to mention a few such as Soulja Boy, lil Hurricane and even up and coming Charles Hamilton) appreciate and honor the past to create and evolve the future. Too many of the new generation of producers and artists these days in most genres but especially Hip Hop do not do their history and bow down to the creators of the very genre itself. You cant become a Doctor, Scientist, Director or Pilot for example without doing your history so why is music different and why does this new generation feel they can put down and slew their predecessors?

Well consider yourself partially educated and with this edition of Vol Two you are very much in presence of a master at work in the form of J.Dilla. If you have no idea who he is or what he represents then this is the perfect place to start. He to some, is nothing less than genius. He took sampling and elevated it to a height that took its own art form and to this day his beats are still being released after he past away many years ago and with nights in London alone our fav being ‘Dilla Saved My Life’ his legacy is stronger than ever. This is part one of our Love Dilla sub series and part two will come after the summer.

Sit back, relax in hopefully some blazing sun, grab a nice drink or something to smoke ( menthol’s of course… 😉 ) and enjoy the Dilla in our selection of his vast selection of beats and tracks.

1. Bullshit – J.Dilla
2. Sometimes – J.Dilla
3. The Light – Common
4. Trashy – J.Dilla
5. Kamaal – J.Dilla
6. Lightworks – J.Dilla
7. Climan – J.Dilla
8. Drop – Pharcyde
9. Doo Doo – J.Dilla
10. Dollar – Steve Space
11. Reunion – Slum Village
12. Crushin – J.Dilla
13. Fall In Love – J.Dilla
14. The Look Of Love – Slum Village

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