Updates and weekend work ahead..

Hi all, been CRAZY busy recently as im sure most of you have in the lead up to Xmas. But never fear we are here and moving strong. This weekend we will be doing the treacherous task of updating to WordPress 2.7 (which is a bitch!). So there may be some down time. We also have a few new members i.e. Listener and Pressure plus a few surprise ones dropping just after the holidays. This weekend will also see not one, but TWO new Dubstep volumes and also one Hip Hop/R&B mix alike. News and regular editorials will be common just after the holidays also. I do love Xmas, but hate the workload it brings.. humbug and all that. For more info or again we are always looking for new talent to review, blog, DJ and well anything that floats our boats. Hit our contact page.


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