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Chicken & Vodka 02 – Mixed By DJ Drama

November. For man its wet, soggy, windy and the real start of what is to be a very cold winter (well for us in the UK anyway!). These short days and long nights certainly take its toll. So what better way to give your day a huge kick up the arse than to download and grab one of our mixes!

Brand new and literally hot off the shelf is the second instalment by none other than Ego Thieves, DJ Drama. For those who have still decided to stray away from the more filthier side of Dubstep and prefer the sublow, organic sound, this is a must have. Even if your not into the more original roots that Dubstep has to offer download it anyway because lets be honest Dubstep comes in all shapes and forms, which is why we love it and is the sole reason you should too.

Chicken & Vodka 01 – Mixed By DJ Drama

DJ Drama, is back. While creating the new website and all the new juicy mixes, me and Drama are having our usual love fest on Skype trying to think of a new name for a mini Dubstep mix series. We come up with a host of names that just didn’t work. So I ask Drama what are you doing right now? He replies ‘Eating Chicken & Drinking Vodka’.

So BLAM! A new mix series is born. Taking you a deeper sound of Dubstep, showcasing yet again the many faces Dubstep has and why every one of them is as good as the last. Expect loads of Dubplates, real Sublow sounds an lots of vibes. Catch Jenai & Drama Djing all around the globe. Btw this mix is single MP3, but the next in the series will be tracked as usual.