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Punk Custom Mega MUNNY

Texas designer Paul Sirmon of Buzzbomb Creative, custom designed this Mega Munny keeping the spirit of Christmas in mind! Bearing the name Punk St. Nick, Sirmon was inspired by Santa as a teenager. When you take a look at the photos you will...

Quartermaine Custom MUNNY

We were literally shocked when we saw pictures of this beast on Kid Robots Blog! Standing at 18 inches, Kalin Thompson applied acrylics using oil painting techniques – blending, layering and under painting to create this master piece. It took him just about...

Wallpapers good enough to play

Came across this on my usual whoring of the Internet and its prob one of the best finds of the year so far. When i mean these are genius i kid you not, prepare to have your Ego Thieved.. Check out Orioto’s Deviant page and also spread the word on his creativity. Now the only problem with this is i wished they recreated all these games to actually look like this (Side scrolling Sonic in HD like that would be crazy!). Test your knowledge and see if you know which is which… though shame on your mug if you don’t get em all.