Ghostpoet x Thirty

I recently put together a mix to celebrate the 30th birthday of Ego Thieves good friend, Ghostpoet (who also happens to be born the same year as me…30 is only round the corner). I sadly couldn’t make it to the epic UK Garage party he lined up, which was no joke btw! DJ EZ, Mike Skinner, Fonti & Bushkin to say the least!

However, my lack of absence to the party inspired me to dust off the vinyl and pull out not just one Technics 1210, but four. I use to go by the name of “DJ Pressure” and was a prolific lover of UK Garage and proud to say I played a roll in the pirate radio and production of, dare I say, one of the UK’s most creative dance scenes in a generation.

30 tracks later, 4x deck mixing and a whole lot of worn out vinyl later, I bring you “Ghostpoet x Thirty”.


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