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Deep Teknologi 4 [Exclusive]

Though its actually Xmas Eve, even though it couldn’t feel any further if it tried (and thats including the added snow!) i have yet another gift and another world exclusive. This time bought to you by the now huge Deep Teknologi camp and mixed by S.E.F. Lots of Deep, Experimental and Dub House to get your Xmas all pumped up and into a frenzy.

With exclusives from T.Williams, Ben Westbeech, MA1, Zander Hardy and more! This is a serious mix as always.

Deep Teknologi Mix 3.0

Don’t worry, we are still here. Lots of behind the scenes work going on. Look out for the DJ gigs from myself, new header (which the feedback has been nuts!) and just a shit loads more info over the weekend. For now here is a brand new mix from super duper label Deep Teknologi. Its version 3.0 already and this is one never to disappoint. Lots of deep and beautiful house that has been mixed by S.E.F. There isn’t a track-list, simply because half of this you cant buy and isn’t even named yet. Big up the whole Deep Teknologi family… watch out for the launch party coming Nov. When i design the flyer will bang it up lol.

Just House Vol 2 – Switched On Edition

Quickly before you download, a big thank you to everyone who has downloaded, re blogged and given amazing feedback to all our mixes and podcasts we love you all 🙂

Here’s another home grown podcast for all you Thieving Ego’s on this very sunny and beautiful Saturday. We hope you aren’t spending this day indoors, go catch the sunshine while you still can as you never know could be snowing by Monday. But while you are out in the sun grab this Deep House mix with a very special guest DJ Switch representing Switched On Productions. This mix is full of exclusive tracks from Deep Teknologi and lots of intense, sensual vibes. Remember Ego Thieves are bring you Just House, which means every type of House there is. Big up Switch and my Ego Thieves team.