Urban Nerds 2nd Birthday Aftermath!

If you wasn’t there, shame shame know your name. If you was thank you for coming down and Im sure that goes for the whole Nerds team. It was a bad night with allot of eager ravers and allot of good vibes. Was very different from the usual Nerds scenario as it was set in a 3 room warehouse (which was confusing at times lol). Big up our Urban Nerds family who worked very hard at putting the night together. 

:: Highlights of the night ::  >> Shy FX >> N Type >> Funktion 1 Sound System >> James & Mark’s Madonna Headsets >> Getting to see Charley & Tony Black (genius behind the logo!) >> Having the misses (follow her Twitter ReemKanj) skank out to Dubstep with her sister & Kai (D101 Magazine) >> Excel, Kofi, Stefan, Nathaniel & random Asian girl who never smiled who i dont know the name of  >> Sai & Chris & Pro Green & The Reeboks >> The usual suspects aka Robin, Alex & the rest of the fam >> ATG Graffiti >> Random people coming up & saying how bad MDMA mix was & whens the next Dubfluencial out lol (was allot of people, humble i am!).

Some random pics taken by us of course (Urban Nerds official media partners), and you can see the rest if you click this post. Gallery inside or visit our Flickr here.

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