Mindelixir – Futurism [Review]

Many of you may not know of the artist simply known as Mindelixir. But if your an Ego Thieves fan you may of heard one of his tracks on Dubfluencial 8. It was also the first time I came across him myself and that track was my fav on the mix.

He has also built a profile as one of Dubsteps superior newcomers of remixers. From Mochipet, DZ, Two Fresh and even Simon Lebon of Duran Duran. As well as DJ’ing along side the worlds finest Dubstep artists and playing at some of the biggest events he has also been deep in the lab creating all sorts of wonder. This has produced his debut album ‘Futurism‘.

“This full length dubstep album features a story driven journey through a fantasy world where man is not the dominant species of life and is dealing with the rise of deep sea intelligence.” – Abstract Logic Recording

For me this is an amazing album. The diversity and originality is immense. He has built his own sound collection, created his own abstract patterns and pushed the boundaries of what Dubstep is or should be. Instead of trying to follow suit like most trends endure, he has decided to do what expresses him best. The deep, sensual, space inspired sound is prominant here. You could easily throw your headphones on, grab a fake steering wheel and pretend to float through the night stars (obviously we recommend a few beers before hand to bring out the child’s imagination in you 😉 ).

One thing I think needs to be pointed out in this 13 track album is the quality of the mix downs. So many up and coming, even established artists neglect to invest in the sector of mastering seriously.

Ok, on your headphones or small stereo system you may not notice much. But when your playing on a Funktion one system at 50k watts you really notice which producers have taken the time to make sure each layer of sound is perfectly combined to give maximum impact. This album delivers that. There will be bass that your iPhone headphones just wont be able to pick up. So make sure you get yourself a nice lil sub to use for this one (as you should do with all good quality music).

For those looking for something different in todays overcrowded Dubstep market this is for you. Or those who want that hard sublow bass to scare your cat with its low sonic frequencies you cannot afford to be without it.

Of course being Ego Thieves we bring you two of the tracks off the album completely free….! Full 320kbps of course 😉 Preview and download them now. Also included is an exclusive 9 page secret document to accompany the story behind the sounds. You can also right click and save the .PDF here.

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