Rizlab x Ghostpoet x The DOT – Trouble

I (Jenai) remember sitting on Skype, roughly this time last year, speaking to Ghostpoet on many occasions. Usually moaning about the state of Eastenders while sending hidden tracks to each other for inspiration…all while he penciled the vision for his album.

The other thing we also used to speak about was how scarse his bookings were, the politics and tribulations of record labels and stresses of him losing his job, moving homes and trying to stay focused.

Fast forward a year and im sure even Ghostpoet would agree, that our predictions have been blown out of the water. With shows around the globe, a handful of amazing videos and a critically acclaimed debut album ‘Peanut Butter Blues & Melancholy Jam’, oh and did I mention a Mercury Prize nomination? Things are shaping up nicely for him and deservedly so!

Here is a brand new banger from Ghostpoet in conjunction with Rizlab and Mike Skinners newly formed band, The DOT, entitled ‘Trouble’. Watch out for the one take, streamed video dropping soon.

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