Prince Ea Making Smart Cool Again

Broken hearted is what I feel when I think of Hip Hop and its current state today. 20 something teens gassing about how amazing this dude is and that girl is. When I hear their tracks its the same lyrics, same concept, same story, same video, same flashing of cars and money and wealth. Wheres the story? What happened to people giving you their lives on pen and paper? OK Drake has some nice beats, but what the fuck is he talking about? Wheres the message? I live my life through music. Others used to express their life on music and became the greatest.

Biggie, 2 Pac etc. They are not the greatest for not reason. They didn’t get huge because they spoke about this girls back off for a whole track and sold out exactly who they were?!. They would tell you how they want to fuck girls of course, yet flip it and tell you how hard life is and expose their fears and their outlook on the world. Tell you how real love is, how being a gangsta is bullshit and how life is short.

Everyone now wants to just a have a track to sing along to in their car acting all fresh like they apart of something great. Your not. Hip Hop is dead, but it won’t stay like that forever. The revival is coming…

Don’t just flick through this video, don’t think oh I cant sing along there’s no chorus its shit or where’s lady Ga Ga’s verse. Listen to the words because after all, the pen is mightier than the sword.

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