Michael Jackson – A Tribute [Part One]

Here is part one to our tribute to the King Of Pop, Michael Jackson. Ten of our fav tracks chosen by the team and blended as best i can (MJ Tracks just where not made to be DJ’d lol) in a 30 min mix. This part is our ‘Club’ tribute, bringing you all the bangers that we would want to hear on a night out and get our Moonwalk on. Still cant believe he is gone, very sad but this is how we choose to remember him. Not for his politics, just simply for his music. Once a legend always a legend.

Watch out for Part Two, where we go back to the past and bring you tunes from the Soul. Expect lots of Ben, Butterflies and not Being Alone.

.:: Tracklist ::.

01. Dont Stop til You Get Enough – Michael Jackson

02. Billie Jean – Michael Jackson

03. Sunset Driver (Demo) – Michael Jackson

04. Wanna Be Startin Somethin – Michael Jackson

05. Rock With You – Michael Jackson

06. Thriller – Michael Jackson

07. Bad – Michael Jackson

08. Smooth Criminal – Michael Jackson

09. Dirty Diana – Michael Jackson

10. Beat It – Michael Jackson

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  • Natty
    June 26, 2009 11:15 pm

    All big tunes, not gonna DL the mi coz i’ve been banging out these tunes all day neway

    (the cover is a must though)

    love the wallpaper u have from before

    think u cud do a ET special 1? 😀

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