Hello. Hi. Welcome to Ego Thieves 2.0! Its taken three whole weeks to get the transition done and please don’t be mistaken that we are all finished up yet. We still have lots of features to implement and will do over the next few days. Below is a list of a few new features, upgrades and updates we have kicked into place.

A massive love to all those who emailed, phoned, texted, tweeted and more asking where we went and when are we back. Also to all those who saw the preview of the website and had nothing but amazing things to say. We love you all and this is all for you 🙂 (can you feel the love?!). As of today we bring you THREE brand new mixes which you can download below. We have new Dubfluencial next weekend, along with a brand new exclusive mix from one of Dubsteps new super producers but more on that soon.

For new and regular visitors one piece of news i must inform you about is membership. From now on for the first week only of every new mix you will have to sign up to the site to download. After the first week it will be open to the public. We have been asked how people can support us and promote us. Well now you can buy signing up oh and of course booking us for your events is also very welcome and you can do that by clicking here. Signing up is very simple, no intruding questions like date of birth, bra size, shoe size reh reh reh. Just nice and simple and be the first to download our exclusive mixes. We will also be emailing out private mixes to member’s only emails exclusively for the followers that support as well as exclusive competitions before they go public.

Here is a list of new features of the website and more to come:

  • Choose your destiny >> Dark or Light side? Simply navigate to the header and choose whether you prefer a darker or lighter colour scheme.
  • Mixes page >> Navigate our new mixes page with ease and download the whole series of your fav mix.
  • Ringtones page (Will be up on Monday).. A brand new easy to navigate Ringtones page with exclusive free to download ringtones for your phone and even special iPhone versions.
  • Events page >> A simple to view events page with a list of global events. Download the calenders, subscribe to the RSS and buy your tickets. To have your event added visit our contact page.
  • Similar Posts >> Now in the sidebar and below each post. Follow relevant posts and navigate easily to related mixes and news.
  • Dropbox >> Nothing new here but now you can send us your promos and tracks direct using our dropbox on the sidebar.
  • Members only >> As mentioned above, join us and support by signing upto our website and staying up to date with mixes, news and events.
  • Exclusive Competitions >> Next week we have an exclusive competition from US super magazine The Big Up. We have lots more on the run up to Xmas and even more ready for next year. Exclusive to members only and most money or love cannot buy.
  • More content >> Exclusive interviews, daily posts, exclusive features, guest mixes, news, promos, downloads and more. We are officially stepping up the work load to bring you more goodies and support the Music, Fashion, Art and anything else in between.

These are just a snippet of whats new, the rest we will let you explore yourself. We will also be bringing you more in depth article to get you all talking and communicating and bring light to many issues we face here at Ego Thieves and in our day to day lives.

Thanks to all of you! from producers to blogs, fans to supporters and everyone else who has got us to where we are now in just 6 short months. With our new Fashion partnership dropping in 2010 with JC Adams, the Ego Thieves nights, Ego Thieves and myself DJing around the globe and lots more of what we already do Ego Thieves 2.0 has only just begun.

Jenai & The Thieves

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  • Chris Mejia
    December 4, 2009 3:08 am


  • laine whitacre
    December 24, 2009 4:58 am

    i an soooo fuckin stoked on you guys i love this website

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