Cool Kids – Gone Fishing

Now i nearly forgot to post this up! Its been a mad busy week with us here at Thieves headquarters and next week should bring some nice updates for you and the month of June to come. In the mean time, this is classic Cool Kids. Sharp lyrics, low flows and lots of hard kicks and simple snares. Im a fan it must be said, event if its now not quite cool to be? Ironic huh. At least it isnt Charles Hamilton bless him…. 

:: Tacklist ::

1. Introduction to Ice Fishing
2. Hammer Brothers
3. Champions
4. Gold Links
5. Cinnamon
6. Premium Blends
7. Step Back
8. Jump Rope feat. Tennille
9. The Last Stretch feat. Jahda
10. The Art of Noise (interlude)
11. The Light Company
12. Popcorn
13. Wise Words by GLC -Told by GLC
14. Pennies (the updated rosters) Remix feat. Ludacris & Bun B
15. Broadcasting Live
16. Takin’ a Break
17. Tune Up
18. Weekend Girls feat. Ryan Leslie
19. Summer Vacations
20. Words of Wisdom by GLC – Told by GLC
21. Knocked Down


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