The Horse Is Dead…Long Live The Pony!


No im not losing my mind, just very excited that One Trick Pony (Or OTP to many) have launched their official website. Which i must say is uber sexy and a job well done.. and this is after just two months of me and Tek trying to find a dam domain name lol. Big up my northern partner in crime Tek 13 and Geoff for putting this together. I know lots more is going to be added and watch out for the specials Ego Thieves and OTP have coming (as soon as Tek stops globe trotting, jeeze) including many exclusives. For now hit the site and enjoy the graffitiness they have to offer. Click the links above or if your just stupid click HERE (lol, i joke i joke)

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  • Natty
    March 5, 2009 7:57 pm

    nice site there, might purchase a hoody!

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