JThree x Post Living

Finally we are getting round to our backlog of posts from our dam server issues. First in the cue is Post Living. A brand new company creating art mounted, contemporary furniture. You may be saying whats different about that? Well, what they are doing is collaborating with some of the best graphic artists on the planet. One of their first collabs has been with obvious Ego Thieves favourite, JThree.

Using JThrees ‘Go To Sleep Citizen‘ art, mounted onto three 18MM MDF and sealed with a durable finish, along with a pair of side table legs and matching coasters. It comes in at quite a bargain price at only £125.00 for the whole pack. We have had the set at Ego Thieves HQ for over a month now and we have to say the finish is really top quality and the pictures hang perfectly above our TV.

We love what they are doing over at Post Living and if your interested in a collaboration with them, they are always open to ideas. You can buy the JThree set here amongst others and also follow them on Twitter for the latest news and designs.