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Its, Its, Its Serani! Hot on the lips of many a Reggae / Dancehall fan. His last album sky rocketed and with his current single ‘No Games‘ doing very well and on Myspace alone has had over 14 million (yes million!) spins, his dominance seems to continue to sky rocket! We sent Theo Tziapouras from Ego Thieves to catch up with him and ask that all important question… Do you have an Ego? 

What can we expect from the new album? Who have you worked with on it? 

Well so far ive worked with DASECA, there’s Chimney records i work closely with them aswel. Jukebox records, i did a couple songs with them and theres one that i think is gonna be on the album. What you ccan expect is some crazy melodies, some you know, new creative different ideas in terms of concepts. Its mostly club vibes…and definitely geared towards the ladies!

Whats your take on the Reggae/Dancehall scene at the moment? 

Well im really proud to know that dancehall is doing so well and that im actually a part of it. You know theres Movado doing well and u kno Erupt is doing pretty well with Click My Fingers and you know theres Elephant Man present, he has always been there too and the 4 of us have all hit the billboard charts in recent times so its actually a good look since the year start to have 4 artist’s in dancehall hittin the charts. I believe that we all are working hard to maintain that vibe and to stay on the international scene, we just tryna keep the fire burning straight up and keep dancehall in the game!

Who else is up and coming in the scene you would recommend? 

Kibaki! Very very very talented and hes gonna do pretty well im sure so look out.

Name one gadget you cant live without! 

Urmmm…my keyboard haha!

Do you play any computer games if so which ones? 

I used to allot when i was younger but now i don’t have the time, maybe when my kids get older haha.

Whats the best thing about Jamaica apart from curry goat? 

Jerk? haha…i joke. The women of course along with the scenery.

Tell people about the women of Jamica and why you dedicate most of your songs to the ladies?

They are the most beautiful women in the world, and u know the London ladies are next!

Whats the first thing you do in the morning and last thing you do at night? 

Well first thing i do in the morning…after i brush my teeth! Is go on the treadmill and runn for about 40 minutes and do some excercise.. and last thing at night would be ermmm… Brush my teeth?! haha

Finally, do you consider yourself to have an Ego? 

Yea who doesn’t…

Do you think thats important? becasue allot of people seem to take that as a negative thing and we try to tell people its very different from being arrogant. 

Everybody has to have an ego, its a human thing. So you wouldn’t be human if you didn’t have an ego! I guess i would say, to be in any game, to be big in what you do you have to end up being a leader! And to be a leader you have to be strong, you cant be a pushover so in terms of that you have demands,you have to command your position y’kna? So in oder to get there you have to push… and then i guess certain people might think you have an ego or think of it as sumthing negative but really and truely its a fight you know how i mean? You cant be soft and expect to reach somewhere so i support your push of the Ego!

You can buy Serani’s latest single here from iTunes and watch out for the album coming very soon. 

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  • Natty
    May 19, 2009 2:11 pm

    still can’t believe you lot got an interview with Serani, he’s the man but still, wrong about the where the best ladies in the world come from…that’s Trinidad 🙂

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