Electzilla Episode 5 – Mixed By Hatchet

Electro Electro Electro! Its been a minuet since we released an Electzilla mix. Many of you have emailed and asked whats going on and have we stopped the series etc. Well we nearly did as we just seem to find the right DJ for it. We searched around and it seemed many just didn’t fit the bill. Then one day I get sent a random mix by a DJ on Soundcloud. Downloaded it, listened to it, loved it.

So I introduce you to Ego Thieves resident Electro DJ, Hatchet. Not only is Hatchet one of the baddest Electro DJs around, he is also starting his own venture of night here in London and in Nottingham also, pushing the Ego Thieves sound even further. Check the events page for more details and where you can find the Electzilla monster that is Hatchet.

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01. Feel Too Good (Jack Beats Remix) – Kidda
02. Dirty Gold (Tonka Remix)_- AudioFun
03. So Sick (Scott Cooper Remix) – Philipe De Boyar, Lars Moston
04. Back 2 The Ghetto – Calvertron, Tim Healey
05. Jack Got Jacked (Jack Beats remix)_- AC Slater
06. As We Enter (Foamo Remix Instrumental) – Nas & Damian Marley
07. Zef Side (Slap In The Bass Remix) – Die Antwood
08. Dynasty feat. Haley – Dada Life, Kaskade, Haley
09. Annie You Save Me (Reset! Remix) – Graffiti 6
10. Jookie (Decibel De Ja Vu Remix) – Foamo
11. Hey (L-Vis 1990 Remix) – Diplo & Laidback Luke
12. Superconfidential – Nic Sarno Remix
13. Luanda Lisboa (Nic Sarno Remix) – Buraka Som Sistema
14. Squark (Decibel Reyn From Clouds Remix) – Roska
15. Break Free (Decibel Shawshank Remix) – Schizofonics
16. When you hear the bassline (Tony Senghore remix)- Major Lazer
17. Princess  (MJ Cole Remix) – Primary 1
18. Sex Sax (MJ Cole’s Lubricated Relick) – Drop The Lime
19. Me Toca So – Zombies For Money
20. The Sweeper Anthem (Artisanz vs Decibel Remix) – Lady Marga Vs Dc Joseph
21. Pon De Floor (Drop The Lime Remix) – Major Lazer
22. Sex Sax (Zombies For Money Remix) – Drop The Lime
23. Xtatic Truth (Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs Remix) – Crystal Fighters
24 Console – Tom Staar


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