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Welcome fellow Ego Thief.. Professor Green

UK rap battle extraordinaire and Jump Off connoisseur now turned established UK artist Professor Green has officially joined the Ego Thieves team. From the infamous nights out to the latest shows and fashion releases… Pro Green will be updating you with everything and anything in between. With exclusive content and much more coming in the pipeline, Pro Green just further extends the Thief in all your Ego’s.

New format for Ego Thieves Blog


The world is full of blogs. Most are generic, unoriginal and fan boyed to the eyeballs. We are not here to follow suit, but we also want to keep you informed of the latest and greatest. So very much like our Mixpate posts we are going to consolidate all the info into daily blocks of joy. So instead of posting up several items about games or gadgets etc we will do a daily round up all in one convenient post. That way we can make more time for original content which is our main focus. Watch out for a few more exclusives coming momenterily…

Ego Thieves Have Landed


Ego Thieves has finally landed. First off thanks for all the support, comments, emails and interest. It’s crazy overwhelming! Especially when most have no idea who or what we are lol. To be brief, Ego Thieves are here to cut the crap. We are an elite group of people who have grown tired of the many ‘local’ blogs and tiresome ‘E-Magazines’ that slack in content, exclusives and actual tender love and care of what our day and age has to offer. 

Updates and weekend work ahead..

Hi all, been CRAZY busy recently as im sure most of you have in the lead up to Xmas. But never fear we are here and moving strong. This weekend we will be doing the treacherous task of updating to WordPress 2.7 (which is a bitch!). So there may be some down time.

Welcome New Editors: Listener & Pressure


Just want to give a warm welcome to our new music editors Listener & Pressure (yes we all know that was my old DJ name, but bah life goes on..). If you don’t know about these two, then shame on you. They are big DJ’s and we all know thats nothing i don’t shout about too often. They will be covering Garage (Old & New), House, Funky House and Dubstep. Bringing you latest news, events, mixes and just everything your heart desires.