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Living with the Orbitsound T12

When moving into my new apartment, the one thing I stupidly didn’t think about was my surround sound needs. Though you won’t hear me complaining about living in a huge open lounge & kitchen…the one thing that slipped my mind was ‘where are my rear 5.1 speakers going to go?’. As you can see from the images, it’s not the ideal scenario to have wires & speakers dragged around the room.

After trying various TV & sofa combinations, I decided that maybe a good quality sound-bar could suffice as the room is pretty square & ideal for acoustics. Now as many of my friends know, I am very much the world biggest tech fiend & frankly not heard good things about sound-bars. That is until I came across the Orbitsound T12 (which at the time was a pretty unknown brand to me).

Street Fighter 4 Takes Over The UK


Yes. Street Fighter 4 has now officially topped the UK Charts. Its no real surprise now is-it? With a whole new system of fighting, brand new features such as revenge meter and focus attacks have made the battles much more intense and unpredictable. Personally I’m not very captured by the range of new character’s and i still think Ryu looks very dodgy in the face. Online still seems very shady on both consoles and i would still love to see some classic character’s bought back (have no idea why Rose is in it?). Apart from that, this is Street Fighter for the next generation and is nothing short of a masterpiece.