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POP DUB 8… Send yours!

Project 'POP DUB' has officially started. Get your tracks in and also we want to hear what the listeners want to see on the mix too. We are also going in a new direction and adding more to the mix. Electro? 100bpm anyone?...

POP DUB 7 – Mixed By Ego Thieves

If I had a pound for every person who asked me where POP DUB 7 is I would be a rich man…well kinda rich lol. But here it is in it’s full glory. I Can’t believe the last one was so long ago! Time is flying here at the new Ego Thieves HQ, we have been beyond busy. This is a new direction for POP DUB, a bit darker, bit harder and a bit more mixed up. The reason behind this will be revealed next month and will all make sense.


First and foremost Happy New Year! 2011 already… and it couldn’t of come any sooner. 2010 was a mass of ups and downs for so many reasons, but for Ego Thieves it was huge!

Now, on the first day of the year, here is POP! Dubfluencial 6. Bringing you exactly what you expect, combining the commercial appeal of pop music marriaged with the harsh lfo frequencies of Dubstep. Showcasing some new comers such as Habstrack and Flith Colins along side Ego Thieves favorites such as Stinkahbell, Borgore, Mojo and many more.

POP! Dub 5 – Mixed By Jenai

Im always shocked to find out how popular our Pop Dub series is. SO many of appreciate and love the combined sounds of tracks you know with a Dubstep twist. Things are really elevating for this sound too. From Katy B and Magnetic Man putting out huge original vocal tracks to Rusko rumoured to be working on tracks for Britney Spears. Let alone not forgetting our resident Dubstep superstar Borgore (love him or hate him!) who is pushing the sound of Dubstep/Gorestep to a massive audience.

POP! Dub 4 – Mixed By Ego Thieves

Here is POP! Goes Dubfluencial 4 (Or Pop Dub for short). We are increasing the amount of tracks we put into our mixes now to bring you an even bigger, more Egotastic (cheesy I know..) experience.

Also this is our first official mix with a wallpaper pack. All super high quality for loads of diff screen sizes as well as a bonus iPhone version for your pixel pleasure. The artwork again is a collaboration between myself and fellow Ego Thief JC Adams.

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