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Boxed (Mar. 23)

For the raucous, grime instrumental admirer comes a night from Gobstopper Records head honcho, Mr. Mitch. Featuring some of the most progressive grime names of recent times, Boxed is the 140BPM lover's wet dream. The likes of Slackk, Oil Gang and Logos are on show and proceedings take...

Azekel – ‘Get It On (T-Rex/XXYYXX) Cover’

East London's Azekel twists tidbits from two seemingly opposite ends of the musical spectrum desisting in diced up, R&B suave. XXYYXX's serene charm is the hot cocoa-type prototype that calms the flamboyance of glam rock entity T Rex and their classic 1971 hit 'Get It On'. There's...

FlowNerds Invade Wholesome x Trapstar

Please don’t ask where have I been or what is going on etc. Life is not easy, never will be, but I fight for happiness and success and lets just say I have a whole new lease of life. If you thought I made an impact before, trust me nah blurd clarts you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Right now its about the younger side of Ego Thieves (Younger but still legal ya hurd). You should know who FlowNerds are by now. If you don’t then click here. We have huge plans for this year, a tiny bit delayed but they are in full effect.