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It feels like an age since we gave you the last Electzilla. Even though only two mixes deep, they already have a mini cult following. Lots of Electro sounding bangers, wooble bass and jump up beats, its not hard to understand why. Though they are usually mixed by Ego Thieves resident Electro lord ‘I Am Kane’ this Episode is mixed by myself. Half because i love it and half because Kane has been busy moving home and creating a new bedroom for his mixing equipment lol. He will be back in the mix very soon bringing you some of his badaman skills soon.

Electzilla – Episode 2

Here it is and eagerly awaited it seems. Ive had as always lots of emails and a fair few of them asking for the Dirty Electro fix! The first one was a stompa (get it?) and the second has not disappointed. Lots of exclusives, tracks you know and tracks you don’t which are mixed to perfection by Ego Thieves DJ, I Am Kane.

We have to say a quick sorry for the delay, as some know our website was down again due to exceeding our bandwidth. Though thats a bitch to be down for a few hours, its most defiantly a good thing as our views and visits continue to rise and go through the roof.

Electzilla – Episode One

Welcome to another brand new and exclusive monthly podcast from the Ego Thieves. This is our Electro/Fidget House series Electzilla. The name is taken from our love of Electronica music and Japanese comic monsters. A bit of beast with your beats 🙂 Its the perfect combination. For this series we called upon up and coming DJ, I Am Kane. Check him out and watch out for his contributions to the site also if you have not already seen them.