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Mash Sessions | Ape X Ego Thieves

A few words from fellow Ego Thief you may not know of yet, Mr Jc Adams

‘A breath of fresh air in the form of art, fashion and music. A diverse range of music and an introduction to the current and future works of Ego Thieves Jenai & Excel – http://www.egothieves.com. A stand for innovation and belief in the absence of egotism. An opportunity to meet like-minded strivers and adepts. A showcase of what the Inspired mind of Jc Adams can concieve –http://apeapparel.bigcartel.com A sneak peak into the archives of APE. Some laughter, a dance, a smile or two.’


The last Dubfluence had a massive reception, so much so it was even published on Japanese super blog Back To Chill and given 4 out of 5 star rating. Some people seem to think Dubstep is now divided, that you either love the hard jump up bass sound which is considered cheesy to some or you love the organic deep sound which is the rightful Dubstep. Im here to show you that is not the case at all. I love both, and i support and follow both.

I wish i could do more Dubfluence mixes but the tracks don’t come thick and fast enough. I will be featuring allot of the producers on these mixes from the likes of Burial, Widdler, Heny G and more. They deserve your support as much as the next. But for the Dubstep ‘community’ to place a stigma on people and portray the scene as you either listen to ‘real’ Dubstep or you don’t is just plain stupid and wrong.