Stuff – Gun Ho

Grime ambassadeur, Pedro 123 and Get Some rep, Bobby Pecotic have combined to provide bass infused spouse. Crystal Culture is a new label unlimited by genre boundaries and honing in on danceworthy bass bombs for the partygoer. The first release comes from Bristol’s Stuff which coalesces vocal chops up tight with ghetto house swagger for the rumble of club interiors. Visuals are here too; made up of manipulated old Californian Bay Area ‘Thizz Footage’ from the Mac Dre home videos.

The first remix comes from Liminal Sounds’ Elsewhere jarring stop-start rhythms and a pulsing bassline. Fresh from releases on Get Some and B.Yrslf Division, Pedro 123 reworks the original with a strong 2-step groove, tumbling bass notes and shimmering arpeggios.

Stuff completes the package with second original production ‘Spider’, another manic club jam that sits somewhere between unnerving and slightly demented hype.

‘Gun Ho’ is released on March 3rd.

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