Ones To Watch #1: Mr Carmack

Greetings all and on top of everything, a happy new year from all of us at Ego Thieves HQ. Doesn’t 2013 sound so futuristic? At the turn of the year, we’re now looking to develop the website into something you can check every day for a slice of newfangled music. Starting with this mystical Meg, Ones To Watch feature which will be running throughout the year.  As a starter for this year’s main course though, this week we’ll be featuring seven names we feel could cause an infinite amount of reloads in 2013 and beyond.

When we stumbled across Mr. Carmack half way through last year, we wondered why his name wasn’t already one sewed into every positive sentence about underground American producers. Straight out of San Francisco and now kicking back in Honolulu, the 22-year-old rhythm architect has a catalogue of tracks that ooze steez ranging from keyboard laden wonders through to all out trap bomb blasts in recent months.


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