The start of 2010 was horrific for me, for so many different reasons. I went missing for the first part of it in order to face some real demons I was living with. I hit rock bottom and of course in my darkest days, I included music as part of my own self-therapy to get through it all. This gave birth to a new mix series I created, ‘Jenailution’. It was a small series I used to really help me connect back to my musical roots and give me something to focus on while I persevered and faced some terrifyingly brutal reality checks.

First up, the bonafide badman that is Flying Lotus. This is a producer whose music connected with me on a spiritual level, one that so many others can relate to I’m sure. I was consistently playing his albums on repeat and decided to put together a selection of tracks that I could zone out too and hope it would maybe serve others the same way it had served me. Disconnect, breathe and stop.

Flying Lotus has since reached legendary status and I have no shame in admitting I will forever be a fanboy at heart.

  1. 1983 – Flying Lotus
  2. Litermeter – Flying Lotus
  3. Camel – Flying Lotus
  4. Raw Cartoons Track 4 – Flying Lotus
  5. Massage Situation – Flying Lotus
  6. Shadows – Flying Lotus
  7. Golden Diva – Flying Lotus
  8. RobertaFlack (feat. Dolly) – Flying Lotus
  9. Loop Exec – Flying Lotus
  10. Keep it Moving (Instrumental) – Flying Lotus
  11. Restez – Flying Lotus
  12. Nidocin – Flying Lotus
  13. Cry For Help – Flying Lotus
  14. Whole Wide World (Instrumental) – Flying Lotus
  15. Tea Leaf Dancers – Flying Lotus