Dubfluencial 7 was released towards the end of summer 09. With Dubstep starting to really take a turn for the filthiest and Ego Thieves firmly on the map, I decided to ramp things up and include tracks from the likes of now legends Eddie K, one of my favorite tracks of all time ‘Bassbin’ by Kromestar and introduced the world to ‘Panic’ by 16bit.

This mix really started to show where the energy in Dubstep was at during that year and that the American producers were really starting to get involved too and create their own sounds.

This obviously came with a huge amount of controversy, the Dubstep forum members were not happy and people felt like the roots of Dubstep were being lost to cheap wobbles and hard drops.

Progress was hard, the change was inevitable and as I had both Dubfluencial and Dubfluence mixes, I was enjoying both ends of the spectrum and the sounds and music being created were really some of the best dance music had ever seen.

  1. Filed Of Dreams – Suspect
  2. Suck Me Pitch – Ego Bandits  [EXCLUSIVE]
  3. Pyramidhead – Level 67
  4. Can You Guess What It Is Yet? – Cookie Monsta [EXCLUSIVE]
  5. Inside Job – Taz Buckfaster
  6. Whos The Hardest – Eddie K
  7. Ambient Dub Shit – Borgore [EXCLUSIVE]
  8. Bassbin – Kromestar
  9. Thunderstrike – Tekstep [EXCLUSIVE]
  10. The Polar Bear – Wartech [EXCLUSIVE]
  11. Juice – The Secret Lemon
  12. Drumstick – Giant
  13. Mechanism Test – Mike Lennon (Riskotheque Remix)
  14. Nuke Em – Datsik
  15. Panic – 16bit [EXCLUSIVE]
  16. Cockney Thug Gets Mugged! – Rusko & Caspa [EXCLUSIVE]
  17. Mo Fyiah – Mr Boogie & Bukez Fineszt
  18. Per – Rebel Sonix
  19. Flux For Life – Mimosa
  20. Ghosts N Stuff – Deadmau5 (Nero Mix)