If you ask anyone I know growing up what my favorite gaming series is, I would disown anyone who didn’t answer Final Fantasy in in instant. I spent thousands of hours losing myself in the worlds of the Phantom Village, The Floating Continent and of course Midgar.

Video games have always had a huge and deep seeded connection with me and billions of others around the world. Having an instant form of escapism at the touch of a button has literally changed the world forever and I was there to witness everything from the very start.

Now Dubstep is the genre of the Goonies, the geeks and the ‘others’ who arose and delivered bass like no one had ever heard before. I am one such geek and when I heard ‘Jenova Project’ from Datsik, I knew I had to create a mix then and there, so jumped straight on the decks in my kitchen in Holloway Road and Dubfluencial 5 was born.

With tracks from Bassnectar, 16bit, Cookie Monsta and the original video game sampling legend that is Joker, this mix will forever hold a special place in my heart.

  1. Jenova Project – Datsik
  2. Hoover – The Cabinet [EXCLUSIVE]
  3. The Science Of Skank – Stagga  Feat Juakali
  4. The Drop (Cheshire Remix) – Unitz
  5. Heads Up – Bassnectar
  6. Untitled – Joker
  7. Down – Uknown
  8. Sensi Samurai 12 Mix – The Widdler
  9. Power Moves – JAYOU
  10. Get Mad – Herbdout
  11. Timewarp (Remix) – Stagga
  12. The Blank (16 Bit Remix) – Skism
  13. Eurovision (The Boog-A-Loo Crew Remix) – Zombie Disco
  14. $100 Block Of Hashish (VIP) – Level 67
  15. Monster Mash – The Others
  16. Fat Girl Rodeo – Cookie Monsta
  17. Bulletproof (Foamo Dubstep Remix) – La Roux
  18. Amirah – Chasing Shadows
  19. Warriors Dance (Benga Remix) – The Prodigy
  20. Requiem For A Dub – Tryptomatik