To me, Cookie Monsta is one of the most prolific Dubstep producers out there, right up until today.

His energy, unique sounds, and live performances are hard to match, plus he is a little cutie too. I got to know Cookie (aka Tony) early on and we shared the same dark twisted sense of humor and utter love for all things wobbly. This mix was created early on in his career while he was still honing the art of his productions and was one of the first all producer mixes we put on the site.

A collaboration with Take Flight Club, a website putting out some amazing mixes by featured artists, this mix soon turned into a cult classic and everyone I knew became an instant overnight fan of Cookie and all his weird and wonderful sounds.

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  1. The Unidentified
  2. The Monsta’s Twitch
  3. Mad Man’s Creation
  4. B.R.O.C.K O.U.T
  5. Fat Girl Rodeo
  6. AntiChrist
  7. Can You Guess What It Is Yet?
  8. Change Your Heart
  9. Dont Touch That!
  10. Me Want Cookie
  11. Nipple Twist
  12. Mr Ragga
  13. Disco Biscuit
  14. Mean Machine
  15. I Know Jutistu
  16. Fresh
  17. Infinate Powers
  18. Skills
  19. The Screamer
  20. Bare Knuckle
  21. You Can Do It (Slap Head Mix)
  22. Swamp monsta
  23. Blurgh!
  24. Dirty Monsta
  25. Symphony Skank
  26. More than just A Wobble
  27. Double Drip Drop
  28. Lost It
  29. 3rd Leg
  30. Fixed Penalty! I Was Like RAH!
  31. Reverb Sex
  32. Inner Thoughts
  33. Just Blaze
  34. To Hell and Back
  35. Electronic Psycho