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Mr Steven Cedre Jr. is in short words, a badman. We are very picky about who we choose to expose on Ego Thieves as we don’t do this purely for money (ok well some money) nor do we do it for the so called ‘street cred’ lol. We do this because the world is full of a vast amount of crap and it can take just one person to switch your entire outlook on an every day item, for instance… the trainer. Steven is the founder and soul proprietor of Soul Junkie, which is home of his infamous custom trainers (or kicks to the dudes over the pond edge). He has an amazing story which i suggest you read and gain an insight into how he came to be.

Here are some of the trainers we love the most and you can visit his Flickr for more pics.

Now don’t dare tell me that these don’t Thief your Ego…! This is just a small selection of his creations. Not only does he design these master pieces he also has a book out to compliment them along side his own set of custom paints you can buy to create your own.

If all this isn’t enough for you, Steven also believes in the wealth of sharing Knowledge. Check the video below if you have ever wondered to yourself how to create yourself a pair of custom trainers?

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  • Natty
    March 28, 2009 3:15 pm

    I watched this the other day but didnt comment. he sells his own paints too? some sick trainers there, how long has he been doin it for?

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