Ego Thieves Have Landed


Ego Thieves has finally landed. First off thanks for all the support, comments, emails and interest. It’s crazy overwhelming! Especially when most have no idea who or what we are lol. To be brief, Ego Thieves are here to cut the crap. We are an elite group of people who have grown tired of the many ‘local’ blogs and tiresome ‘E-Magazines’ that slack in content, exclusives and actual tender love and care of what our day and age has to offer.  A few new features are, and as i lost a bet we now have the spelling Ego Thieves (hangs head in shame, but oh well i won the second bet bitch) and our new domain to suit. Brand new coding of the site including new layout features and also a massive speed improvement. Well that’s until the good people at one theme bring us the exclusive preview of their second code and i get to destroy it from the inside out.

Also check out our two brand new monthly podcast’s Dubfluencial and Just House. Or why not jump over to the Free Ringtones section to Ego Thief your phone, which will be updated weekly. We have two more podcast series coming, with the first two dropping next week.


More to come throughout the week. Remember, be careful what you wish for…