Ego Thief’s Nov Updates Part Deux


Ok first off, that’s to everyone who has contacted me about the site and Ego Thief’s brand asking when its coming and showing mad interest. Its been completely overwhelming..! Here is a break down of the expected dramas when ever trying to do something new lol.

Hosting : Please note never ever go with Servage or Host Monster – Complete and utter shit and not worth any penny. We decided to switch to premium hosting which has been amazing as our user load was getting dumb. The site speed is crazy! 2.3 second average on Pingdom compared to 15.7 beforehand. Now due to moving hosts, our last (Host Monster) decided to be petty and unprofessional and delete everything else we had before we had a chance to move it. Than included the domains, links, complete site map, many custom written plugins and god knows what else let alone the databases 🙁 very bad times. Anyway have restored what i could best i can from the backups i had of my own. All download links are currently broken and lots to be done believe… But good news is our new hosting is the shit so all well that ends well and all that.

Web Re-Design: Yup, as you can see and if you didn’t know we have a brand new website with some amazing features, most of which you will not see yet but will very soon. A few currently are; if you look to the top right of this page just under the header/banner you will see small colored squares. These enable the user to chose your own color scheme. These are done at the mo but will be changing all the time. Things like hottest convo post, featured content, related links are all embedded to make things easier to navigate. Newest downloads and featured news will be hosted on the front page, we have a new web tv page which will be live very soon… Overall aesthetics is easier on the eye and once i have recoded a few things and arranged our widget bar you will notice allot more of the features.

Mailing list: As well as subscribing to our RSS and feedburner, we have an exclusive member only mailing list which will be sent weekly featuring plenty of exclusives.

Vision Thief’s TV: Has been confirmed!! 100% line up and even more to come including a very special sponsor and interest from a certain major TV network. Filming starts in January. The first season will include major UK talent which i will announce very soon. It will be 6 episodes with a bonus 7th episode and making of and exclusive behind the scenes footage (if you are interested in producing behind the scenes get in contact as we want to try to push new production talent). It will be a Web Tv show only but very much the potential for national broadcast as i said a major network has shown allot of interest in the shows concept. The levels are high.. including HD downloadable versions as well as iPod / PSP/ MP4 versions.

New talent: As well as myself, Excel, Jehrome G, Mutz, Rachel White as resident staff we have new contributors from the likes of Professor Green, Urban Nerds, Reem Kanj, Danielle A Scott-Haughton and a few more i want to keep a surprise who will be blogging, featuring in exclusive content and of course self promoting their own products and goods. There is always space for more, but standards are high but don’t hesitate to get in contact. If you have done so far (and there have been MANY! and i haven’t got back to you, send again and i will make sure i do 100%).

Whats Next… This week is bug fixing, and updates. Once done we will be starting our regular articles and publishing our in house content.

For now here is a little drop for you all to say thanks for waiting and showing big love.

Dubfluencial 01 – Dub meets art


For those that know, i use to DJ back in the day and owned Blendz Mixtape Inc (which sold over 6000(k) mixtapes in its short time, big up my Jump Off fam). I was asked to do a few mixes under my old name ‘DJ Pressure’ but those days are behind me and since then many have come along with same name ive dropped the name and just used my own, Jenai. This is a monthly free mix series bought to you by Ego Thief’ Its Dub, not just Dubstep.. i mean Dub. The series will contain tunes you know, tunes you want and tunes you wish you had. Each cover will be a featured artist i either know or admire hence the influential part. Soon each featured artist will also submit a product i.e. a canvas or piece of art for you to win simply by downloading the mix or answering a competition question. This is first in the series of many new monthly mixes coming in all genres.

*Note we are all for quality, being Ego Thief’s and all. So this mix and all mixes will be in 320kbps for your listening pleasure.

Bless up


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  • Natty
    December 3, 2008 1:56 am

    the sites looking great man, i’ll always be here! can’t even download that bloody dubfluencial ting at uni! piss take! 🙁

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