Chloe Martini x Milo Mills – Falling In Love

Aren’t collaborations a great thing? When me and my mum come together in the kitchen, we cook up a curry goat and rice to rival the Caribbean gods themselves. I play culinary elite in this relationship, obviously. Now, this match of Poland’s Chloe Martini and Austrian, Milo Mills, is more of a European delicacy. I’m not too well versed on my Pierogi or my Tafelspitz but ‘Falling In Love’ is impeccably quenching. Masked in a slowed garage camouflage, it cruises through its five minute duration with moisturise-smooth pads and strung out vocals. I can’t quite afford a drop top, but I can imagine cruising along South Beach in my imaginary caddy, bobbing my head to this. Don’t take my word for it though, give it a test drive.

‘Falling In Love’ is just a snippet of the pair’s unnamed joint EP. We’ll keep you updated of course.

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