Madlib – Flowers

Forgive us for posting another Madlib tune today, it had to be done. We actually can't think of one tune we don't like from Madlib, this one is called Flowers and it's one of his more chilled tracks. It's difficult to find his albums as they...

Inspector Dubplate – Friday Filth Xmas Special

That carrot shanking, moustache endorsing bass mechanic aka Inspector Dubplate, has just released some Xmas’y joy all over your face. For those who appreciate the filth in your fridays this is one you won’t want to miss. With exclusives from GeminiCulprate, Eptic and a huge current favourite of ours Zeds Dead. You should be clicking play if you read this far, like now… ermm do it already.

In celebration of this jingly joyous time of year, the Inspector has also released a black & gold limited edition T-shirt. Buy yours here, but be warned we do not encourage you to dress your dog in this for comical youtubing! Remember an I heart moustache T-Shirt is for life, not just for Xmas. 

Madlib – Pyramids

We thought we should post a tune from an artist signed Stones Record, seeing as how we just posted a MADVILLAIN x Kidrobot vinyl toy! Madlib is probably one of the greatest artists we've ever heard, he has such a unique sound it's difficult to pin...

Gramatik – Lorena’s Butterfly

This is an oldie but a goodie. Gramatik resides in Slovenia and he is definitely one of our favourite artists! Remember at the ET HQ, we're all about good music, regardless of where it came from. So chill out to this 2008 release with your...