Machinedrum – DDD

We love what's happening to music at the moment. The beginning of this year has seen a huge increase in the awareness of artists like Machinedrum. This is one of his more low key tracks, paying homage to all things 90s. Of course you can...

People Just Do Nothing – Episode 1

We have been huge fans of MC Sniper for a long time now. Their Youtube shows are genius! Beyond happy the boys are finally getting the exposure they deserve. In a nutshell this show is 'The Office meets Jeremy Kyle'. The concept is sick and everyone here...

Odd Future – NY

Another day and another video to accompany the new mixtape dropping March 20th. Also, lets not forget their North American tour starts this Friday (March 9th 2012). Oh, and just because we love it so fucking much…click inside the post to watch the ‘Rella’ video just one more time. Who though they would been even more dangerous with some cash injections?