Prince Ea Making Smart Cool Again

Broken hearted is what I feel when I think of Hip Hop and its current state today. 20 something teens gassing about how amazing this dude is and that girl is. When I hear their tracks its the same lyrics, same concept, same story, same video, same flashing of cars and money and wealth. Wheres the story? What happened to people giving you their lives on pen and paper? OK Drake has some nice beats, but what the fuck is he talking about? Wheres the message? I live my life through music. Others used to express their life on music and became the greatest.

Borgore – Nympho

What can I say about this crazy fucker. He makes me laugh, skank draw for my bass face all at the same time. I have been playing his shit before you even knew what a Gorestep was. Now he is set to drop his new EP which is controversially named ‘Borgore Ruined Dubstep’. Its going to be huge & of course you will get to know about it right here as soon as its ready.

For now, here is a viral video with a tiny snippet of the track to following smash bangers Ice Cream and Love. Its called Nympho. If your offended leave now, and if you are offended why are you even here? Watch, enjoy and get ready to get your gore on.

FlowNerds Invade Wholesome x Trapstar

Please don’t ask where have I been or what is going on etc. Life is not easy, never will be, but I fight for happiness and success and lets just say I have a whole new lease of life. If you thought I made an impact before, trust me nah blurd clarts you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Right now its about the younger side of Ego Thieves (Younger but still legal ya hurd). You should know who FlowNerds are by now. If you don’t then click here. We have huge plans for this year, a tiny bit delayed but they are in full effect.

Newham Generals Get Harder!

This tune dropped on my email a few months or so ago and since i got it on promo i haven’t been able to stop listening to it. Perfect mix of Dubstep and Grime produced by Breakage and the best Grime duo probably of all time… D Double & Footsie. Track is just as the title says. Here is a lii video of them performing the track live and a mini interview with Breakage. Also you can now buy this track here for just £0.70p which is cheap as chips… well actually its cheaper.

Faith SFX Destroys Umeå, Sweden

My familia and long time partner in crime Faith SFX has just posted up a lil video on his Youtube channel (Subscribe bitches!) showcasing an event he did in Umeå Sweden. For all my Bass and Dubstep lovers make sure you check the intro where he teases you with his new Dub/Bass style sounds….! He isn’t one of the Worlds best for no reason, you get me doh! More exclusives and goodies to come from Faith SFX soon trust. Also follow him on Twitter <<

Dead Fantasy V

Have you ever imagined what it would be like for a Fantasy Girl like Tifa, to have a fight with a Dead or Alive girl like Hitomi…Aside from the fact this would make you a little wierd, Dead Fantasy is a short film broken into a couple of clips where Dead or Alive girls fight Final Fantasy girls, so there’s no need to imagine it anymore! There is a story underneath all the fighting but its hard to know what’s going on without any voice acting, but regardless the fighting is amazing. The choreography is insane! And this guy is self-taught…