Dead Fantasy V

Have you ever imagined what it would be like for a Fantasy Girl like Tifa, to have a fight with a Dead or Alive girl like Hitomi…Aside from the fact this would make you a little wierd, Dead Fantasy is a short film broken into a couple of clips where Dead or Alive girls fight Final Fantasy girls, so there’s no need to imagine it anymore! There is a story underneath all the fighting but its hard to know what’s going on without any voice acting, but regardless the fighting is amazing. The choreography is insane! And this guy is self-taught…

Gran Turismo 5 Official Trailer

I’m starting to get impatient, waiting for this game to be released is like a slow death! I need a new GT in my life! Prologue was amazing, but it was just a teaser and it’s made me even more hungry for GT5. This new trailer shows off some of the new aspects featured in GT5: Damage, Nascar, WCR etc. Also the graphics look real…when I say real, I  mean real!

Bayonetta E3 Gameplay

This game looks nuts! Hideki Kamiya, the creator of Devil May Cry, is directing this new beauty and he’s obviously living up to his reputation! The game has crazy combat and I’m liking the main character…Hideki also thought it would be appropriate to flash some boob and arse shots of the new heroin, why not eh?! Oh yeh, by the way the game runs at 60fps! With these graphics, the game is going to look too much!

You know what, this looks like it’s going to be one of my most all time favourites next to Devil May Cry. I can’t believe how amazing this game looks!

The Last Guardian Debut Trailer

Remember that amazing trailer for the next Team Ico game, Project Trico? An updated trailer has been released at E3 and the game is now officially called the Last Guardian. I cannot wait to get my hands on this game, Team Ico never fail to impress and I doubt they ever will. Another reason why you need a PS3!

Final Fantasy XIV Online Trailer

Square are pumping out the Final Fantasy’s! We’ve got XIII coming to PS3 and 360, Versus XIII coming to PS3 and now XIV coming to PS3; which is an MMO and MMO’s take a lot of work to maintain.

Now I’ve dabbled in the world of MMO’s and at the moment, World of Warcraft is the most popular MMO ever. However before the popularity of WoW destroyed every MMO in sight, Final Fantasy XI was at the top. I’m excited to see where Square are going to go with this, especially considering they already have experience in the field and are still adding expansions to FFXI which was released about 7years ago! Now when your still addding content to a 7year old game you know your commited! So hopefully the same will happen with this new iteration to the MMO genre.