Life Is A Zoo In A Jungle – Mixed By Jenai

To celebrate the launch of the official JC Adams online store, we have decided to put together an exclusive Jungle mix. No matter whether your into Hip Hop, Dubstep, Grime or even R&B, its very hard to avoid the influences Jungle has in today’s music.

This to me, was the first great leap in UK underground dance music. I was just 12 years old when I purchased my first Jungle vinyl from Black Market Records and fell in love instantly! Huge bass-lines, 160bpm, Reggae chords and big vocals, what is there not to love?

Mixed exclusively by Jenai & artwork by JC Adams

An Interview With :: Ape Apparel

Here it is! Our first and long awaited video interview, please note we are in Beta Mode. Bare with us as we mould out our concept. The camera used was not the best (Note: iMac Camera did a good job for what it is!) but we have gone for a more face on and intimate angle taking you away from the classic and boring cut to face shots. Expect more to come from our interviews including features such as; Competitions and gifts from every interview,  HD Quality Video of course,  PSP/iPhone downloadable videos including unseen footage & outakes.

Kanji Kohanda @ Selfridges 30th May!

Im an avid art fanatic,  especially Japanese/Anime/Pop art. So to find out that the genius known as Kanji Kohanda and renound Evisu paint writer will be making an at Selfridges in Oxford Street to customize your pair of Evisu Jeans (purchased on the day of course!) on May 30th from 12-6pm on Floor 1 in mensware, Evisu Section is uber exciting. We will be sending a few goons to grab a few pics.

The Reset – Don’t You Dare Miss It

As most know im British to the bone regardless of my background or origin! The state of our beloved country is dire, along with the rest of the world. So why not come down to The Reset and support your local and home grown fashion labels. If you have never purchased any (Boy Better Know does not count, no) homegrown clothing before, prepare to be shocked.

ET Feature :: Soul Junkie

Mr Steven Cedre Jr. is in short words, a badman. We are very picky about who we choose to expose on Ego Thieves as we don’t do this purely for money (ok well some money) nor do we do it for the so called ‘street cred’ lol. We do this because the world is full of a vast amount of crap and it can take just one person to switch your entire outlook on an every day item, for instance… the trainer. Steven is the founder and soul proprietor of Soul Junkie, which is home of his infamous custom trainers (or kicks to the dudes over the pond edge). He has an amazing story which i suggest you read and gain an insight into how he came to be.