An Egotatsical Update

Its been a mad few weeks here at Thieves headquarters.  I can’t even begin to thank all the people who blogged the latest Dubfluencial, posted it on forums and even upped it (and past ones) on Torrents. Here’s a few of the compliments it received:


”If you have been keeping track of the Dubfluencial series, put together by our friends over a Ego Thieves, then you’ll know that it’s a collection of mixes with some serious bashment!” Love That Tune

Ego Thieves have a released their 6th edition “Dubfluencial” compilation of tracks. A perfect way to enjoy your summer of sub.” – Kidcity

Ego Thieves latest Dubfluencial mix has just dropped and all I can say is wow! Jenai shows his talent in this latest mix of bass, bass and more bass.” – Dirrrtee

”Dubfluencial 6 has landed! It’s the latest mix by theEgo Thievesand our good friend Jenai has shown his super mixing talent with a load of BASS! It’s free too!” – FlowNerds

”A good balance of soul and dirt makes Dubfluencial a tight listen not only because the tracks are dope, but because Jenai keeps the mix moving and multi-dimensional without becoming stale. Dubstep heads drop this in your players.” – Bwomp Beats


”If you’ve followed our blog for a while you might recognise a couple of tracks in the tracklist. Get yourself over there and download it now, its a serious mix for serious dub-lovers.” – Rub A Dub Dub

Big thanks to you all for the thousands of downloads. The demand for me to DJ has gone through the roof, so right now we are making time to make this happen and taking Ego Thieves to the next level. So expect to see us live in the flesh very very soon.


iMac 2007Lots and lots of changes here on Ego Thieves website. I’m no where near as happy with the website as i want to be, perfectionist? me? Dam right i am, and its my own torture believe me. But as we strive for perfection it only does us justice of standing out from the rest.

First off is our brand new family carousel. Giving everyone a glimpse at our vast network of talent. Including our very own Binary Kids (Watch out for a feature on them very soon!), our little brothers Flow Nerds, our family and cousins over at Urban Nerds, Ape Apparel.Watch out for a few more secret additions in the next few days including a few familiar faces.

familybarRedesign of the sidebar is on route. We have made it much more clean, though many miss the cans they where just a mess and didn’t fit in with the site. We have added our blogroll so if you feel you should be on it then give us a nudge on our contact page. We have cleaned up the code to make the site just that little bit faster. Everything from comments to the contact page is being looked at and tweaked. We love the positive feedback we always get on the site and will continue to push the levels. Also do you like our YouTube player disguised as secret Ego Thieves player?


buy ape apparel

When Ego Thieves was born in the mind of myself while sitting on the top floor of a North London house in Holloway. I had full intent of pushing and creating an independent UK Fashion brand along side the media brand and that’s exactly what i intend to do. Now because we like to up the levels and we don’t do things by half we have been planning and waiting for the right time to produce and announce any information.

Here is just a treacle of information on whats to come. We are setting up a label, it will not be called Ego Thieves but something else which is still a secret. It will be its on entity and we will take it as seriously as we do everything else. We have partnered up with Ape Apparel himself Jc Adams to be our creative director and lead the design. With myself and Excel running the label’s business and the genius that is Rachel White on the PR.

Expect some more news over the next coming months, for now you can still grab your Ape Apparel T-Shirts, though be quick because going fast is an understatement. Expect lots from the label and as im sure most who follow us know it will defiantly push the boundaries and do big things.

More posts tomoz including some mixes from friends, events to be seen at and some Fashion and Music news.

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  • Natty
    August 4, 2009 12:46 pm

    soon to be the best website in the world 😉

  • litebeing
    August 28, 2009 2:44 am

    well as far as i’ve looked around your site is seriously nice! well designed , great navigation and let’s not forget the sick as music you can download ! i’m completely feeling all the cuts on here! all your connects and your social networks are equally sick!

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