$1 Bin x Kilbourne – ‘Hey Hoe EP’

Drop the derogatory first inclines in the title right from the off. The ‘Hey Hoe EP’ from $1 Bin and young Jersey club music connoisseur, Kilbourne, is as far from them garden tools as you can get.


In fact what thrives here is a seven-tracker drenched in the type of body-shacking rhythms that might get you in trouble anywhere else but inside the rave walls. Might not be for everyone, but Ego Thieves like to mix it up every now and then. Like $1 Bin’sprevious GN$ EP with Hucci this EP also consists of 3 original tracks and 4 remixes. Dollar called on people like Toboggan, Beek & False Witness to deliver different killer versions of the ‘Hey Hoe’ single.

Look out for $1 Bin on the upcoming Trapdoor Vol.1 Compilation releasing on January 28th by the #1 Trap Music outlet in the UK, Trapdoor.