We Are At Defcon 4

Which in ET terms means that we are nearly on the way to fixing all the download links. Bare with us, as its a hell of allot of files to upload!! Big ups to all that has shown mad support whether it be by comments, emails (many of them!) Twittering, Facebook or texts lol we appreciate the love trust. If you don’t know what I’m even on about click the link HERE. Lots of new posts coming in the next few days as you can see by our new header we are updating the site in a big ol way which we are sure you will all love. As for Ministry we have heard nothing yet, but the battle goes on and we will get an answer even if we have to send a crew down there to chain them-self’s to railings or some shit.

Oh and ignore any test posts etc you see plotted around for the next few days we just testing a few new tricks.

Big ups, much love and blessy to all 🙂

Jenai & Excel.

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