Turn Off The Radio – July 09

It was hot…! Not just because the venue was obviously feeling the credit crunch and decided to not just turn off the Radio but also the air conditioning and any possible fan they had. But that didn’t stop the vibes, but did create a ‘Turkish Bath’ of energy and music. Guest’s such as Ghostpoet, who i have never heard  before, was a breath of fresh air in a style of Hip Hop Ive not heard before…! You must check him out.

Maverick Sabre tore down the crowed with his soulful riffs and husky vocals that defy any Irish accent Ive ever known. Then our very own Random Impulse, in just setting up a band in two short weeks bought the house down! His hard vocals on intense Indie beats with a drop of blues, soul and a touch of something brand new that just captivated the whole venue. Along side Goldielocks and Grime superstar Dot Rotten this was one not to be missed. Even in the mist of the slightly dodgy sound system (that’s an understatement, but I’m trying to be nice so low me!). Here are the pics from the night taken by myself and you may see few of the Ego Thieves family in there 😉 None of me of course, some say I’m a phantom of the photo.

Big up all that attended and the Turn The Radio Off crew alongside Box Fresh clothing. Good times. Whoop!

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