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Urban Nerds 2nd Birthday Aftermath!

If you wasn’t there, shame shame know your name. If you was thank you for coming down and Im sure that goes for the whole Nerds team. It was a bad night with allot of eager ravers and allot of good vibes. Was very different from the usual Nerds scenario as it was set in a 3 room warehouse (which was confusing at times lol). Big up our Urban Nerds family who worked very hard at putting the night together. 

What the weekend? Part One


Every week (well hopefully lol) we will be letting you know what we have gotten up to. Though a week behind atm we will document us, be it out skanking, shopping or just sitting in playing SF4 online we will keep you informed. Last weekend was quite eventful to say the least. Friday Faith SFX, Aktivist and I mission to the depths of East London to meet up with up and coming artists Forte, Lexus and Kosha for a little collaboration. Just before we left Kentish Town station and after Faith had informed me a certain fed was gazing them while they ate their Sams chicken they managed to capture the moment on film.

Raped By Bass – Vol 3 Mixed By Rattus Rattus


Big up sir Rattus from my Urban Nerds familar! This is Vol 3 in the series. With over 35 tracks, hard mixing and plenty bass fo yo face, your iPod is gay not to have it. Visit the man himself here also the Urban Nerds site for more info. And remember our ‘Revenge Of The Nerds’ feature is coming soon.

Urban Nerds – Valentines 2009 Pictures


Now for all of you suckers who didn’t make it down to Urban Nerd’s Valentines event. Shame on you. But lucky lucky, you now have lots of pics below to see what went down. This time no audio or video due to dodgy technicians. You can visit the full set by either searching on Facebook or clicking a pic below and visiting our flickr page. If your really sad you can even photoshop your head in there somewhere and pretend to all your friends that you came. Visit Urban Nerds for more info and don’t forget Snowbombing in March.