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Odd Future – NY

Another day and another video to accompany the new Odd Future Vol 2 mixtape dropping March 20th. Also, lets not forget their North American tour starts this Friday (March 9th 2012). Oh, and just because we love it so fucking much…click inside the post to watch the ‘Rella’ video just one more time. Who though they would been even more dangerous with some cash injections?

Benga – Stop Watching

Big bad Benga has officially been worked over by Digital Soundboy into a mash up video for Youtube. We all know this is quite common and a new art form. Were you have a classic track worked into a bunch of random video clips all in perfect sync. Digital Soundboy is becoming a fav of mine. This video included clips from classic Hip Hop videos such as ‘Breathe & Stop’ and even movie clips from the likes of Saturday Night Fever lol! See how many you can name or spot.

Borgore – Nympho

What can I say about this crazy fucker. He makes me laugh, skank draw for my bass face all at the same time. I have been playing his shit before you even knew what a Gorestep was. Now he is set to drop his new EP which is controversially named ‘Borgore Ruined Dubstep’. Its going to be huge & of course you will get to know about it right here as soon as its ready.

For now, here is a viral video with a tiny snippet of the track to following smash bangers Ice Cream and Love. Its called Nympho. If your offended leave now, and if you are offended why are you even here? Watch, enjoy and get ready to get your gore on.