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Electzilla – Episode 4

Well its 6am, I should be asleep but my brain wont let me for reasons you wish not know. So I thought what better way to distract my thoughts than to bang up the new Electzilla mix. Full of wobble, fidgety, sublow and jump up bass. Featuring the likes of A1 BasslineBuraka Som SistemaUdachi and more. Its not for the light hearted and not made for small systems. Play it loud and don’t be shy to show how low your skank can go =]

Binary Bass #01 – Mixed By Jack Swift

Though its just gone boxing day the funs not over yet. We have another post Xmas present for you now..! This is the first mix in a brand new series called Binary Bass, which for all our regular followers you will know this mix as MDMA Sessions. I decided to change the brand/name of this mix because MDMA Sessions didn’t fit and was only suppose to be a one off. But as its popularity grew (it seems allot love the mash up style of mixing with an anything goes rule!) i thought its about time it gets its own home.

Deep Teknologi 4 [Exclusive]

Though its actually Xmas Eve, even though it couldn’t feel any further if it tried (and thats including the added snow!) i have yet another gift and another world exclusive. This time bought to you by the now huge Deep Teknologi camp and mixed by S.E.F. Lots of Deep, Experimental and Dub House to get your Xmas all pumped up and into a frenzy.

With exclusives from T.Williams, Ben Westbeech, MA1, Zander Hardy and more! This is a serious mix as always.

Todd Edwards Treehouse Mix 2009

There are only a handful of people i sincerely admire in music. Quincy Jones, Gordy Berry, J Dilla and more… but in that list is also this astrude dude from deep in the US mainland, Todd Edwards. I was lucky enough to want to DJ at such a young age (11 in fact) and around that time you either mixed Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Jungle or this new odd sound known as House & Garage. Then it was more or less US Garage as the UK just started to take inspiration and add its own twist. Long story short, Todd Edwards is one of the founding fathers of 4×4 House.

Deep Teknologi Mix 3.0

Don’t worry, we are still here. Lots of behind the scenes work going on. Look out for the DJ gigs from myself, new header (which the feedback has been nuts!) and just a shit loads more info over the weekend. For now here is a brand new mix from super duper label Deep Teknologi. Its version 3.0 already and this is one never to disappoint. Lots of deep and beautiful house that has been mixed by S.E.F. There isn’t a track-list, simply because half of this you cant buy and isn’t even named yet. Big up the whole Deep Teknologi family… watch out for the launch party coming Nov. When i design the flyer will bang it up lol.

Just House Vol 4

Its actually been a lil while since we did a Just House. Reason being is we wanted to make sure it was going in the right direction. We do love a bit of Funky House don’t get me wrong, but its quickly been taken into a direction we aren’t really happy to follow as much these days. We love what people like Marcus Nasty is playing, that right combination of Deep, Soulful and a few uplifting bangers in between with a cheeky hint of MC for those sing-a-long moments.