Street Fighter 4 Takes Over The UK


Yes. Street Fighter 4 has now officially topped the UK Charts. Its no real surprise now is-it? With a whole new system of fighting, brand new features such as revenge meter and focus attacks have made the battles much more intense and unpredictable. Personally I’m not very captured by the range of new character’s and i still think Ryu looks very dodgy in the face. Online still seems very shady on both consoles and i would still love to see some classic character’s bought back (have no idea why Rose is in it?). Apart from that, this is Street Fighter for the next generation and is nothing short of a masterpiece.

Check out this mini review (make sure you click the new HQ-High Quality button) from the good people at Street Fighter 4 Forums and Gamespot.

*HD – Yes, nice and pretty HD. Looks amazing on a 100hz TV.
*Classic characters like you never seen them before. With crazy full animated supers.
*New battle system creates uncertainty and means anyone on any level can play and still have a chance.
*Arcade mode with online play is just short of genius.
*Gouken! Full stop.

*Probably the worst game music to come out since….erm…. ever?
*Seth is just waste. Apart from his super, he does not suit or fit into SF since Gill.
*Online play still cant seem to recreate actual 1VS1 game-play.
*Lack of stages, just seemed very abundant and would of been nice to see few more classics recreated.
*Hate the way after a rank match your always returned to the main menu. I mean wtf?



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  • Rico
    February 25, 2009 9:50 pm

    Have to agree with Jenai on the lack of creativity in regards to stages! Its just not the same not climbing the fence with Vega and dropping hard onto your opponent. Call me old school but whats wrong with having Bison as the final boss? Still, same classic gameplay and the fully animated specials are a nice touch and look great in HD! R

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