Growing up in the 90s, witnessing the birth of some of the most amazing music genres of all time, everything from Chicago House, Happy Hardcore, and Trance but nothing quite had the impact on the dance culture in the UK like Jungle did.

I started DJ’ing at the age of 11 years old and Jungle was the sound of my youth. While everyone around me was listening to boy bands and pop music galore, I was the small kid leaning over the top of the counter in record shops asking for the latest General Levy and Shy FX vinyl’s to listen to, deciding what EP my £5 pocket money would be best spent on.

This mix is really a part of my Jenailution series and I had a real urge to create a classic Jungle mix that took me right back to the days of staying up until 2 am, DJ’ing in secret using only my headphones to mix while my mum thought I was fast asleep.

I teamed up with fellow Ego Thief, JC Adams yet again to create King Louis themed cover artwork, because let’s be honest, Louis really is King of the Jungle. The phrase ‘Life Is A Zoo In A Jungle’ was penned by American novelist Peter De Vries and it has always resonated with me in so many ways and became a bit of a mantra for me during what was a pretty turbulent phase of my life.

If you like your Jungle fast, rolling and bass filled, download this mix to be taken straight back to the lighter held high days of arguably one of the greatest genres of dance music to ever grace our British isles.

  1. Rumble – M-Beat
  2. Leviticus – The Burial
  3. Terrorist – Renegade
  4. Everyday – Bizzy B
  5. Valley Of The Shadows – Origin Unknown
  6. Worries In The Dance – New Blood
  7. Rollers Convention – DJ SS
  8. Sweet Vibrations – D.M.D. & the Boneman
  9. Style – M-Beat
  10. Helicopter Tune – Deep Blue
  11. RIP (VIP) – Remarc
  12. Warp 9 Mr Zulu – Rude Bwoy Monty
  13. This Style – Shy FX
  14. The Lighter – Sound Of The Future
  15. Maximum Style – Tom & Jerry


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