Summer 2009, I can’t even begin to describe the state I was in and it’s only looking back now, almost nine years later that I realise how much Ego Thieves, music and these mixes were literally keeping me sane.

I have only just come to the conclusion after an existential crises, music is therapy for me. Dubfluencial 6 was no exception, giving me something to focus on and releasing my inner turmoil and rage. I was craving an outlet and subconsciously I guess I created one, I just never knew it at the time. I also realised all forms of art provides the same kind of inner sanctuary so many of us seek.

Another Final Fantasy inspired intro this time from ‘The Cabinet’, a production team consisting of a group of friends (Cy and Lennox) from Cambridge, summer anthem ‘Hate 2 Love U’ from Marchmellow and the world exclusive controversial track ‘Love’ from my brother in bass, Borgore, this mix really captured all my pent-up energy I needed to release.

  1. An Ego Thieves Intro 01 – The Cabinet
  2. Make Contact – Dr. Nimble
  3. Rancid Poo – Dub Crookz
  4. Hate 2 Love U – Marchmellow
  5. Neck Back – Lost
  6. Act Like You Know – Nero
  7. Sippin – Richie August
  8. Galvanize – Datsik
  9. Foes – Borgore (16bit Fuck Hoes Remix)
  10. Heartbroken – Liondub ft. Jah Dan & Sot
  11. Muscle Man – Cookie Monsta
  12. Technophobe – N-Type & The Others
  13. Do You – Freeland (PANTyRAiD Remix)
  14. Marshmallow Mindmush – Define & Amaning Feat. Rowl
  15. Goblin – Coki
  16. Shadows – Phatcat & DZ
  17. Dubwar – Liquid wicked (Von D VIP Mix)
  18. Back Off – Skism
  19. Love – Borgore
  20. Paris Is Burning – Ladyhawke (HavocNdeeD Remix)